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Expanding your oil business needs committed and experienced representatives.

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Business setup is a job half-done.

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Why India?

To make a generic statement, India is one of the biggest markets for pin to petroleum to airplanes.

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What We Do


Petroleum industry drives the economy of the world. Availability or lack of it is the most crucial factor in determining the economic growth of a nation. Since discovery of the first oil deposits in 1889, India has evolved into a major player in the oil and gas sector. Today, it is one of the six core industries in India and plays a significant role in almost everything from inflation to foreign trades to policy making.

Post Liberalisation, Indian economy saw many reforms that opened up the market for private players and foreign players.

100% FDI, abolition of administrated pricing policy, and introduction of New Exploration Licensing Policy (NELP) has led to an unprecedented boom in number of investors interested in this particular sector.

Oilenergie believes that this is the perfect time for investors to tap into this fastest growing market.

For further analysis and readings, please refer to our resources section. We, at Oilenergie, could help you convince yourself about taking an affirmative action towards being a part of this ever-growing industry, with strong logic and reasoning, and help you see your corporate goals fulfilled.


Our Mission

"To be the most preferred partner in oil business, to provide economically feasible and quality services to sustain growth."

Our Vision

"To be a partner of growth in global economy."

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